Item Qualities and Tiers

The value of many items within Avalon are defined by their “Quality” tier. These are indicated by a “Quality: [name]” at the start of each items lore right after enchantments. The tiers are ordered below, as well as a brief description of them.


The quality of most items. Any item that can be found in vanilla survival is considered “common” tier, even if it doesn’t have the quality tag on it. Other items with common quality are early-game items that can be crafted with vanilla materials, but that aren’t normally in the game.


The quality of one and two star dungeon-exclusive items and crafts. Most of the time these are items that cannot be crafted by players, and are acquired from pre-dragon dungeons. This quality also applies to items that require Grade 2 Stardust, or Grade 2 Stardust materials to craft.


The quality of three-star dungeon-exclusive items and crafts. These are items that are gated behind slaying the Ender Dragon, and in some cases exceed traditional diamond tools. Similar to Rare quality, this applies to dungeon items and to any item requiring Grade 3 Stardust or Grade 3 Stardust Materials to craft.


The quality of four-star dungeon items, crafts, and trophies. These are items that go beyond Minecraft’s traditional limits, and are designed to consistently exceed enchanted Diamond tools. While there are craftable items of this quality, they are locked behind other unique and/or mythic materials. NOTE: Some Mythic quality items can be acquired from bonus chests in 3-Star dungeons.


The quality of strictly dungeon-exclusive items. These items are not available from any crafting recipe, and materials of this quality are limited to creating relics and mythic items. These items are always soulbound and are typically far stronger than vanilla tools and materials. Many legendary quality items even have unique abilities, effects, and socket gems.


The quality of exceedingly rare and upgradable weapons and/or tools. These items are gated behind 4-Star dungeons and require extensive effort to craft and to upgrade, but will always be stronger than any legendary or mythic item when upgraded. Currently there are only two relics available. The learn more about relics, visit the relics page.